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The TNN Mudarah Fixed Income Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that adheres to Shariah compliant investment instruments. This particular fund caters specifically to ethical investors who have a low appetite for risk. The funds allocated within this pool are reserved solely for short-term and long-term credit facilities.

netnexus investment

Our Investment Models

  • Mudarabah (Partnership): Mudaraba represents a profit-sharing partnership in which one NetNexus supplies the capital while the other provides skills and labor, and profits are divided according to an agreed-upon formula, typically at a ratio of 70/30.

  • Musharaka (Joint Venture): In this joint venture agreement, we co-own a business or asset with another party based on an agreed sharing formula. 

  • Murabaha (Retailing): Under this type of contract, we purchase commodities that customers may not be able to afford directly. We then sell these goods back to the customer for cost plus profit - the markup being predetermined by mutual agreement between us and the customer. 

  • Ijara (Leasehold): This is a lease arrangement whereby usage rights over an asset are transferred from us as lessor to our client as lessee in exchange for certain consideration during an agreed period of time. 

  • Ijara wa Iqtina (Lease and Ownership): Here, we enter into a lease agreement where ownership of assets is eventually gifted to clients after they have been leased out for some previously arranged length of time.

Our Investment Classes

The fund invests in equities that have been screened and comply with Islamic standards, making it accessible to all investors regardless of their faith. In essence, the fund abstains from investing in interest-earning instruments and instead focuses on channels that generate profits through profit sharing.

Real Estate: Our real estate investment strategy is centered around acquiring, selling, and leasing landed properties.

Agriculture: We specialize in the production and supply of farm goods, livestock, farm tools & equipment as well as providing farm management services.

Transportation & Logistics: Our objective is to finance automobile ownership for both personal and commercial use.

Education: Our investments in the education sector are aimed at supporting students and school owners' procurement of educational materials while also assisting with school management activities.

Healthcare: We provide assistance to health service providers by facilitating their procurement of medical equipment and drugs.

Information Technology (IT): To promote development within the ICT industry, we collaborate with promising ideas.

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