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Introducing The Net Nexus Ethical Investment Fund

The Net Nexus is currently calling the general public to her mutual funding. Through remarkable partnerships, we have driven inclusive investing to a whole new level by intelligently offering quality mutual funds from as low as NGN50,000.

In line with the inclusion drive of the TNN, we partnered with halal and profitable businesses which make it possible for everyone, including faith conscious investors to access high earning investment options.

Our Investment Classes

The fund invests in screened equities that comply with standards that make it possible for anyone, regardless of their faith to invest. In summary, the fund does not invest in instruments that earn interest. Rather, it invests strictly in channels that earn profits thereby enabling investors earn through profit sharing.

  • Real Estate: Our real estate investment is centered on purchase, sales and lease of landed properties

  • Agriculture: we focus on production and supply of farm goods, livestock, farm tools and equipment as well as farm management

  • Transportation: we aim to finance ownership of automobiles for both personal and commercial use

  • Education: Investment in the education sector is for students and school owners for procurement of educational tools and school management

  • Health: We help health service providers to procure equipment and drugs.

Our Investment Models

  • Mudarabah (Partneship) : Mudaraba is a partnership in profit whereby we provide capital and the other party provides skill and labour for a sharing formula usually on a 70/30 basis

  • Musharaka (Joint Venture): This is a Joint Venture agreement where we co-own a business or an asset for an agreed sharing formula

  • Murabaha (Retailing): Under a murabaha contract, we purchase a commodity in order to supply it to a customer who isn't financially able to make such a purchase directly. We then sell the commodity to the customer for the cost plus profit — the profit being a markup that both we and customer agree on upfront.

  • Ijara (Leasehold): This is a lease / hiring contract that transfers the usage of an asset to a client for a specified period in exchange for a specified consideration

  • Ijara wa Iqtina (Lease and Ownership): This is a lease agreement that transfers the ownership of an asset to a client as a gift after an agreed usage of time.

Investment Period

12 months

Unit Price


Available share units

50,000 units

Projected Annual Returns

10% - 30%

Minimum purchased units


Investment Cycle

January - December

Example: Mr A buys 10 units of share at 5,000 (50,000). At the end of 12 months, he would have gotten 55,000 - 65,000

What to know about The Net Nexus?

THE NET NEXUS - TNN (An initiative of Asgaf Global Concepts)* is a digital payment solution designed to simplify and automate the process of thrift savings, collection, micro-credit and financial inclusion services to the banked and financially excluded population so as to reduce the problems associated with the traditional and manual savings scheme. The Net Nexus is a registered trademark of Asgaf Global Concepts with RC No: 1843585 a duly registered legal entity in Nigeria with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission.

Additional Benefit: Investors can monetize their shares by selling part or all of their share capital to the company or any other interested individuals.

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