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TNN Launches her Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited

Updated: May 21, 2023

You are welcome to The Net Nexus Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited. Here, we collaborate to prospal Spiritually, Financially and Economically

We are team of young Entrepreneurs and Professionals aiming to create opportunities for Muslims and advance the members financial and economical stability.

We bring Trust and Sanity back to the Muslim Community through Islamic Banking and Finance

We provide Investment opportunities to Start-ups and Growing Business through members savings and Ethical Returns to Investors

We provide Loan and Credit Facilities to members and non members to encourage financial inclusion to the unbanked and underbanked within the community we operate


1. SAVINGS & INVESTMENT - W encourage a saving and investment culture within members to plan for their future finances

2. LOAN & CREDIT FACILITY - Our credit facilities is targeted on relieving both members and non members from financial borderns through a non collateral and interest free loan or credit sales by buying product and pay back on an installment bases with a markup as profit to the society

3. TRAINING & MENTORSHIP - our team of professionals and business oriented persons are available to assist start-up and Carrie individual to boost the professions or business with the well versed experience and certifications.

3. MARKETING - we use our platforms to market members business and profession to the international community through our marketplace where you have the chance for a wider audience

4. RECOGNITION & AWARD - we recognize, celebrate and honour Muslims entrepreneurs and professionals in their achievements and contribution to the muslim community

5. FUNDRAISING - through a charitable pool, we sponsor and finance notable causes for Muslims accros board focusing on Education, Health, and Welfare.

We have have proposed that you join either our TNN Equity Trust Funds  (ETF) and TNN Members Group Savings (MGS) products.

TNN Equity Trust Fund (ETF) is a tenor-based deposit savings with highly competitive dividend through an Islamic Investment Window using the Mudarabah, Musharaka and Ijarah financing models . Dividends earned can be capitalized or withdrawn as it is generated. The minimum investment stake is NGN250,000.

TNN Members Group Savings (MGS): is a product that involves a consistent saving of funds monthly from earning or income from business which are put aside for future obligations at a specific time. It is a product designed for individuals, firms and others who are gainfully employed and wants to save toward events, ceremonies, business startup capital, travels, paying of rents, purchase of equipment & assets, long term project. Members are entitled to borrow x2 of their savings from the Group Savings as a non-collateralized loan but must provide a surety that can guarantee the repayment.

Should you be interested to join us, kindly get in touch for details, call or whatsapp+2348065329702 or send a mail to

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