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Unified Finance Management Platform, the solution to traditional and manual savings scheme.

A higher percentage of African Adults Population are unbanked and underbanked out of which 59% of the Current Nigerian Population are Financially Excluded. THE NET NEXUS - TNN (An initiative of Asgaf Global Concepts) is a digital payment solution designed to simplify and automate the process of thrift savings, collection, microcredit and financial inclusion services to the banked and financially excluded population so as to reduce the problems associated with the traditional and manual savings scheme. With TNN, we explore the use of Digital Payment Technology and Global System Mobile Device to manage and enhance transactions of the esusu scheme. The system also provides members and management of esusu schemes with instant information on any transaction made and it guarantees security of data and information. With the esusu scheme, there is neither gain nor loss; rather, a lump some of the money contributed is returned to the contributor after the service fee for the collector has been deducted. Features 👉Cloud Based and User-Friendly portal 👉Instant SMS & Email Alerts on every transactions 👉transaction and Track Field Operations 👉Savings and Credit Facility 👉Personal and Group Contributions Management click here to open an account

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