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Become a TNN Agent Aggregator

Do you know you can earn income for life, by becoming an Agent Aggregator to TNN Mobile Banking.

Aggregators are people interested in creating an opportunity to earn income by recruiting merchants across the country.

To become a TNN Agent Aggregator is FREE.

However, interested persons would have to recruit a minimum of 20 persons that would be interested in Signing up as merchants on TNN Mobile Banking. Once the persons are able to Sign up, Fund and complete their KYC, then the person becomes an Aggregator.

Your Stake

TNN Aggregators earn 30% of Marchants service charge and % commission on all transactions of the merchants they Sign up. Is that not interesting? What are you waiting for?

How do you become an Aggregator?

To become an Aggregator is simple! All that is required is to notify us of your interest in becoming an Aggregator. Once that is done, we give you an application form and draft agreement to review and Sign. Once that is done, you proceed to start the recruitment of the first twenty merchants. They would Signed up under the Account of the aggregator and start earning commission from their transactions.

How do Aggregators earn their commission?

Aggregators are paid their commission at the end of every month.

For further enquiries, contact our sales desk on +2348083435499

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