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Multiple Accounts in One App

Welcome to our vibrant digitalized cooperative community, where financial dreams meet innovative solutions. Whether you're aiming to grow your nest egg, invest wisely, or simply save for that rainy day, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the fantastic financial opportunities awaiting you in Halal way!


TNN Cooperative savings goals are designed to aid you in attaining your desires. Whether it be establishing a budget, saving for a momentous occasion or object, or seeking an enriching savings scheme, we have got you covered.
You have the opportunity to create as many goals as necessary with ease - simply set your target and desired frequency of savings and witness the magic unfold.
For additional information, kindly contact our Help Desk at +23408083435499 via call or whatsapp.

Esusu Savings

tnn group saving.jpeg

There's power in numbers! Our Monthly Group Savings plan allows you to pool resources with subscribers to achieve your financial goals. Saving together has never been so rewarding


  • Personalized savings account 

  • N10,000 minimum monthly savings

  • 2% charges at payout

  • 10 months savings cycle

Fixed Deposit


Looking for a safe haven for your hard-earned money? Our Fixed Deposit option offers you a secure

way to grow your savings. Enjoy competitive ROI base on the principle of Mudarabah (Partnership) and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your funds are in good hands.

  • Personalized savings account

  • Profit and Loss sharing deposit

  • 3months minimum period

  • No maintenance charges 

Endowment Savings


Whether you're passionate about supporting education, healthcare, or the environment, a charity savings account can help you make a difference. Contact us today to learn more about opening account and start giving back.

  • Personalized savings account

  • Non witherable deposit

  • Charitable causes on your behalf

  • No maintenance charges 

Target Savings

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Ever dreamt of a vacation, a new gadget, or perhaps a special occasion? Our Target Savings plan is designed with YOU in mind. Set your savings goal, and watch as your dreams become reality with disciplined saving and a little help from our user-friendly platform

  • Personlaised savings account

  • No account opening balance​

  • No minimum balance​

  • No monthly maintenance fees

  • Access to overdraft

Investment Savings


Ready to take your savings to the next level? Our Investment Savings option gives you access to a variety of investment opportunities that can help grow your wealth over time. From stocks to mutual funds, we provide the tools and guidance you need to make informed investment decisions.


  • Personalized account

  • Quarterly dividend 

  • N50,000 monthly contribution 

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